Easy Steps To Install A Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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You get more room while showering in small shower spaces by switching your conventional shower curtain rod with a curved model. You will get a sense of roominess with the curtain spreads out more. It will help you avoid an excessively-near, damp curtain sticking to your body. Without major makeovers, upgrading your bathroom is a stress-free way installing this curved shower curtain rod.

Necessary equipment

To install shower curtain rod curved, you will need screws, pencil, measuring tape, level, drill, or wall anchors and stud finder. To be sure you choose the correct size for the rod, take the shower stall measurement. You may cut the same amount off of all ends if the rod needs to be shortened.


If it came in parts, follow the producer’s guidelines to put the curved shower curtain rods together. Examine the rod about the type of screws came with it. If the rod does not come with the parts that needed to install the rod in a wall, upgrading to wall anchors may be needed. Take the length measure of your shower curtain and choose the high of the curved rod you want to place. Make sure the curtain doesn’t hit the floor so Place it high enough, but the water should not squish out under the curtain. When deciding, keep in mind the curtain rod hooks height. You also need to define the location of the rod on the wall of the shower. Compared to a straight rod, you need to install Curved rods nearby to the shower back wall. The curtain should be able to be slipped behind the edge of your shower stall so it must be put far enough for the rod.

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Use a pencil to mark the location of the screw holes with the brackets placed on the walls. Ensure that the pencil marks on one wall line up at the same expanse from the back wall and elevation as the holes on the other wall using a measuring tape and a level. Create the location of the screws by drill tiny pilot holes. Use a stud finder to make sure you are screwing into a stud. Wall-mount screws can be used if there are studs. To tightly hold the rod, wall anchors might be needed if your stud is not located at your preferred mounting position. Use the right kind of screw or bolt to mount the brackets. Follow the producer’s manual when install the curved shower curtain rod onto the brackets.

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